What is Orgonite / Orgone? Thanks to a scientific study by Dr. Wilhem Reich, we experience the benefits of orgonite energy. He called this beautiful cosmic energy Orgon. Later also known as “Chi” or “Prana”. Orgonite is also called orgone. A big difference is that orgonite contains more metals, which means it has a radiationVerder lezen ⟶

Tensor Technology

Tensor technology Tensor technology is an invention of Slim Spurling . He was a remarkable researcher and inventor. With the invention of Tensor technology, Slim Spurling has shaped the wonders of quantum mechanics . A form that supports us and Mother Earth in a beautiful way. Tensor technology is a complex matter. In this blogVerder lezen ⟶

Sacred Geometry

Sacred geometry and spiritual symbols Sacred Geometry is the foundation of all that is. Everything in nature and humans is based on this geometry. Circles, squares, triangles, spirals are the basis for all geometry. In sacred geometry you will also find straight lines (masculine energy) and curved lines (feminine energy). You don’t always realize itVerder lezen ⟶

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