Blue sapphire Lapis Seed of life heart pendant


  • Properties: pure love, high vibration, chakra and aura cleansing, calming, spiritual power, reduces stress
  • Gemstones: Blue sapphire, Lapis lazuli, Herkimer, Selenite, Rhodizite, Arkansas master crystal
  • Symbol: Seed of Life
  • Metal: 23.75 carat gold
  • Dimensions: 30mm*30mm
  • Free jewellery box
  • Free matching ribbon
  • Brand: By Simone Artisan Jewels
  • Handmade and unique

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Blue Sapphire Lapis Seed of Life Pendant
The blue sapphire lapis heart pendant is pure love with a high vibration. This Seed of Life pendant is a loving and powerful healer.

Blue sapphire is one of the most spiritual gemstones. Blue sapphire is pure love, very suitable for cleansing your chakras, your aura and even has a cleansing effect on Mother Earth, Gaia. It is a gemstone of wisdom and serenity. It has a calming effect and relieves worries and stress. The blue sapphires in this pendant are cobalt blue and slightly transparent. Therefore they have a high vibrational frequency, which initiates healing in a pure and loving way.

This sapphire pendant also contains lapis lazuli, herkimer diamonds, arkansas master crystal, rhodizite, the Artisan Gaia healing elixir and 23.75K gold. A very powerful combination. Beautiful to wear and at the same time enjoy the fine frequencies.
Each piece is handmade and therefore unique.
The sapphire pendant is approx. 3 cm in diameter.
The sapphire pendant comes in a luxury jewellery box.
This will be made for you, if not in stock. Delivery time is about 5 working days.

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The Seed of Life is a universal symbol of life, a symbol of creation.
It stands for a new beginning, because you are capable of so much more than you think. Every consciousness, every creation arises from a small seed. Present in your core, so it is up to you to develop this further.
The Seed of Life is a universal symbol of creation. The name of this symbol offers immediate insight into its deeper meaning and purpose. Found in the heart of an ancient pattern called the Flower of Life, there is an entire cosmology of consciousness encoded in this unique geometric seed.
The Seed of Life is formed from a relationship of 6 circles around one. In fact, 6 circles always fit exactly around a 7th circle of the same size. Each circle fits like a lock and key in this pattern, forming a dynamic field of possible geometrical relationships that reveal the most fundamental forms of creation.
These 7 circles reflect our chakras, the colours of the rainbow and even scales! It forms a basis on which the infinite, fractal nature of life can be understood.

Lapis Lazuli is a spiritual stone. It promotes spiritual power, spiritual skills, astral travel, enlightenment, wisdom and gives inner peace. The stone makes you honest, sincere and helps you find your inner truth and accept it. Lapis lazuli helps you to be yourself and to walk your own path. The stone promotes creativity, objectivity and clarity of mind. It has a positive effect on friendships and love relationships.

Herkimer diamonds have a strong light force and are powerful healers. They are connected to a higher spiritual energy. They promote creativity and give energy. Because of their shape they are ideal for both transmitting and receiving energy. They clear your aura and cleanse your energy. They raise your energetic vibration.
Herkimer diamonds have a very pure, crystallised light energy. They have a high vibration which enhances the effect of other gemstones. Herkimer diamonds are versatile spiritual instruments for energetic work, light work, shamanic work, healings. They can be used for gemstone settings, meditation, astral and interdimensional travel and for receiving visions. Herkimer diamonds enhance clairvoyance, telepathy and help you connect with your intuition, angels, higher energies, higher spiritual realms, other dimensions and past lives. They can make a connection with the soul of a deceased loved one. The stone has a strong cleansing effect on the aura, but also on a physical space because it filters the negative radiation and energy from a space.

23.75K gold

Gold removes negative energy from the aura and chakras. It restores balance, both on a physical and emotional level. Gold is obtainable from the universe and your higher self.

It is also a good energetic protector.


Rhodizite is a very rare (small) crystal from Madagascar. It is one of the most powerful crystals on earth. In Atlantis and Lemuria they were already known as Master Crystals. Rhodizite crystals are the only crystals that greatly amplify the energy of other crystals (they also amplify our energy).

The crystal is an energetic connector that supports you in spiritual awakening. They produce a constant healing energy. If you place a Rhodizite on one or all of your chakras, you will quickly experience an enormous effect. A blocked chakra will easily be provided with new energy.

Arkansas Crystal is very suitable for healing and energetic work. It has a very high vibrational frequency. Arkansas Crystal regulates energy, absorbs energy, gives energy and stores energy according to what is needed in a certain situation. Because Arkansas Crystal is so neutral and pure, the stone can be charged for any (energetic) effect, and can also enhance the effect of other stones.

They are one of the most powerful rock crystals in the world. The energy is very gentle, they are connected to the unconditional love and high energy of Lemuria, the Golden Age of Atlantis, the Pleiades and Sirius.

The Artisan Gaia healing elixir consists of various minerals and essential oils. The composition is known only to the maker: By Simone Artisan Jewels.

This guarantees the authenticity of the pieces.

This Gaia Mix supports:

– Being able to ground well

– High sensitivity (HSP)

– Living more from your heart than from your head

– Choosing your own path

– Protecting yourself against the negative energy of people around you

– Being positive in life, looking at things more lightly

– Calmness in your head

– A good night’s sleep

– Spiritual development if you are working on it

– New age children who cannot find their way in this world