Metatron crystal grid gold disc


  • Application: crystal grid, water and other products charger
  • Size: 10cm*10cm*16mm
  • Material: resin with a top layer of copper and 24 carat gold
  • Symbol: Metatron
  • Options: order with Golden triangle gemstones or Golden triangle hearts.
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Metatron crystal grid golden disc

Make your own crystal grid with this beautiful Metatron disc. Place your gemstones on this disc and set your intentions.

Or use this Metatron disc to charge your water or other products.

How to make the crystal grid work for you:

Everything in us and around us is energy and has an energetic vibration. Most people cannot perceive this with the naked eye. Yet this energy can be felt. Especially when you work with it.

Gems are a gift from Mother Earth and her vibration can be felt in them. Every gemstone has its own unique energetic vibration and effect.

You set up a crystal grid with an intention. Choose the gemstones that match this intention. With this Metatron crystal grid you can order a set of golden triangle gemstones or golden triangle hearts. With these, you can set a beautiful intention for more harmony and balance in your life. Place the stone that holds the most important intention for you in the centre. Around it, in geometric division, place the other gemstones. Did you know that you can also expand your crystal grid with flowers, feathers, shells etc? All of nature’s treasures can be used to validate your intention.

The accompanying Golden triangle hearts (rock crystal, rose quartz and amethyst) are approx. 2 cm. The Golden triangle gemstones are approx. 2.5 to 3.5 cm.


Metatron disc, with Golden triangle crystal hearts, with Golden triangle crystals