Shungite orgonite anti-radiation.

Shungite orgonite 5G protection, the ultimate protection against radiation.
Are you often online on your mobile or laptop, then shungite 5G / anti radiation protection is important. Our shungite orgonite discs are powerful in protection.

In this age of online work and private life, we are more and more exposed to the effects of radiation.
In more and more countries, the 5G network is put into operation, the radiation this causes is harmful to our health and nature.
Shungite orgonite 5G protection blocks this radiation.

Protection is not only needed at home but also when you are on the road. Our shungite orgonite pendants are recommended for when you are on the move. Beautiful to wear and at the same time a fine protection.

The advantages of the shungite orgonite 5G protection products from Artisan Gifts are great. They are many times more powerful than anti 5G stickers. Simply because of the materials with which they are made. Shungite is the most powerful and protective material there is. By making orgonite out of it, the protection is many times stronger.

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