Tesseract energy generator

Below the technical information but first, how can you benefit from Tesseract energy:

An overview with benefits and applications: • EMF protection

• 5G-protection

• (Wish) manifestation

•Promotes and supports meditation

• Cell harmonization

• Boost for the immune system

• Balancing of chakras

• Chronic pain relief

• Migraine relief

• Relief from fear

• Improvement of sleep quality

• Stress management

Improved concentration

• Helps and supports depression

• Strengthening of healing crystals and orgone products

• Charge water with energy

HOW do you use the Tesseract EMF protection generator?

There are many ways in which these discs can be used. The most common and recommended way to use it as an EMF protection generator is to mount the disk on the wall or ceiling. This offers EMF protection all day long and a constant Scalar Waves energy field. It is best that the discs are placed in places where we spend a lot of time. A good example is bedroom, because the average person sleeps 8 hours a day.

The disc does not have to be permanently attached to the wall, it is simply enough to have it under the bed or near the bed. When the discs are mounted permanently, it is important that no holes are drilled into the disc and that metal screws are inserted. Drilling holes on its own is no problem if you ensure that the metal connections are not damaged. But if you plan to do this, make sure that plastic screws are used instead of metals. We can have these manufactured for you on request. See example photo below:

Tesseract bord


Tesseract radionics discs can also be used for manifestation. To manifest wishes, it is best to do this by placing an image or item related to your wish in the center of the disk in the vortex field of the scalar wave. To properly express your wishes, you must think carefully about your wish and why you want it to come true. Do this during meditation when your mind is clear and brain waves are strongest. In this way the energy transfer will be the most efficient.

You can also place a glass of water on the center of the disc. The idea here is to use the memory properties of water to increase the chance that your wishes will come true. Use of water is optional.

To use the disks as an aid to improve healing crystals, the crystals must be placed on the Lakhovsky MWO antennas at the corners of the tesseract. The vibrations and energy emitted by the crystals are picked up by the small Lakhovksy MWO antennas and pushed to the center by the tesseract energy pump. You can leave the center empty or place an organ accumulator or organ pyramid in the center to increase the strength of the scalar wave vertebral field.

The healing crystals can be used during deep meditation or crystal healing. After the session has ended, crystals must be removed from the tesseract disc. The tesseract gets energy from the crystals and the crystals can decrease in power if they stay on the disk for too long. You can recharge them using an orgone loading disc or shungite disc.

The disc is on request, after ordering it will be manufactured for you. It is 300 mm and contains 24K gold.

tesseract kristallen water
It also can be delivered with crystals

To charge water, simply place a glass of water in the center of the Tesseract on the vortex antenna. The glass must be stored there for 15 to 30 minutes. The duration depends on the quality of the water used. A period of 30 minutes should be sufficient to charge normal glass in most circumstances. If you want to top up large amounts of water, for example a full pot of water of 2 liters, the pot must be left on the Tesseract disc overnight. Use clean glasses, love crystal.

  • STRESS, anxiety and pain relief
To relieve stress, anxiety, migraine and chronic pain, the disk can be used during meditation as part of a larger meditation altar, with healing crystals or orgone accumulators

Stress and anxiety relief are usually easier to handle, so a meditation session per day is sufficient in most cases. That is why we recommend using the disc in your meditation room (if you have one) or in another quiet room where you are not interrupted by noise, light, bad smell or other distracting events. Being as close to the Scalar Waves swirl as possible will improve the effectiveness of the disc. Meditating with a Scalar Waves pyramid can have the same effect.

With chronic pain or migraine, it is recommended to place the disc in the middle of the affected area for a certain time. Because every person is a bit different, you have to experiment with different time periods. You can start with a 10-minute therapy and increase it if the effect is not strong enough or shorten the time if the lighting appears earlier. You may feel a tingling sensation when exposed to the Scalar Waves swirl. Don’t be shocked, this is completely normal

~~ Technical information ~~ A twelve-pointed Tesseract is a shape in which each point is connected to every other point. The Tesseract draws energy and concentrates it in the center of the circle. The Tesseract geometry acts as an “energy pump”. Tesseracts are therefore extremely useful for creating powerful EMF security devices (they can concentrate Scalar Waves), setting up crystal altars, manifestation, etc.

The difference between the Scalar Waves antenna and Tesseract geometry is that it pushes Tesseract energy to the center where it is concentrated in a static state. This is in contrast to vortex antennas, which create dynamic energy vortex. Static fields are the most suitable for manifestation. You can find our Tesseract products here.



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