This website is mainly in Dutch. You can ask me to translate the item for you or use Google Translate. If you want to order and are outside the Netherlands ask me for paymant details at info@artisan-gifts.nl. We use Paypal for internationalmpayments and we can ship worldwide.

Artisan Gifts creates energetic and esoteric items. We specialize in sacred geometry, orgone/orgonite, tensor energy, MWO, Vortex and tesseract. Also we have Chakra and Shungite items.

Each peace  is handmade and unique. During the proces the environment is full of energy that you can feel when you receive one of the items from Artisan Gifts.
From a lot of customers (on FB and my website) I get the feedback that they can feel the strong power of orgone and at the same time the energy I put in it, loving, caring etc. It has been said that my pieces make a room feel more harmonious and energetic. At the same time they protect you from EMF, negativity, radiation.

These energy forms  MWO, Scalar Waves (Vortex) and Tesseract  are translated in English. Just click on the names for more information.

All the pieces are unique, I can make the same one again but it will always have it’s own way. I don’t do mass production or make the same one over and over again. I believe in diversity <3

In the items of Artisan Gifts you will find a lot of colours. We believe in colour therapy.  I find the attraction you experience more important than the discription of the crystals. At each item you will always find a description of the used metals and Crystals but I urge you to sit back and let your feeling decide which items belongs with you. Your subconsiousness knows best. Trust it!

Support Gaia, Mother Earth, by spreading positive energy. Enjoy the loving energy from Artisan Gifts, you are very much welcome <3