This website is mainly in Dutch. You can ask me to translate the item for you or use Google Translate. If you want to order and are outside the Netherlands ask me for paymant details at info@artisan-gifts.nl

OrgoneArtisan is a creator of energetic orgone items. Each peace of orgone is handmade and unique. During the proces the environment is full of energy that you can feel when you receive one of the items from OrgoneArtisan.
From a lot of customers (on FB and my website) I get the feedback that they can feel the strong power of orgone and at the same time the energy I put in it, loving, caring etc. It has been said that my pieces make a room feel more harmonious and energetic. At the same time they protect you from EMF, negativity, radiation.

Also you will find new energy forms like MWO, Scalar Waves and Tesseract. Just click on the names for more information.

All the pieces are unique, I can make the same one again but it will always have it’s own way. I don’t do mass production or make the same one over and over again. I believe in diversity <3 Since I have been making orgone I see more people starting making it. Some good, with a nice energy and some with the wrong intensions. Unfortunately these items give the wonderful orgone energy a bad name, as the items don’t work properly. But how can you tell from a computerscreen where to buy you might think. I always recommend to be aware what you feel when you look at an orgone item. Place your hand on your belly, do you feel excited or feel a kinda off stomach ace, butterflies, are you smiling etc. Your subconsiousness knows best. Trust it! And very important, there must be al lot of metals in it. OrgoneArtisan uses a lot of copper. Sometimes hidden in a coloured layer (not everyone wants to see all the metals). Orgone is resin, metals (both same amount!) and a crystal. That is it. Then you have the proper and real orgone energy that turns everything that is negative into positieve (EMF for example). Orgone itself does not create wealth, abundance, health etc. That is not what is is meant for. It will remove blockages and negative energies. By doing this is can help you to a next step of health, abundance etc. But that is something you will have to do yourself. Orgone energy can be supportive for your energy in that. In the items of OrgoneeArtisan you will find gemstones for your wellbeing. The orgone makes the gemstones effectivly stronger. But it is always about orgone energy and how it works. Worth watching: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8iWt9dv1Y9I I work in layers so the orgone energy is guaranteed. The quality is very important for me. From the resin I use to metals and of course the crystals, everything is high quality. Mainly you will find copper in my items. Copper is a excellent conductor of life energy and offers spiritual quidance. It is connected to Venus and therefore connected to love and happiness. I also add copper plasma for more effective energy. In all the orgone items from OrgoneArtisan you will always find shungite. Shungite is the number one protector for EMF and radiation. It has a lot of advantages. Just look it up on the internet. Sometimes the shungite is visible, sometimes I hide it in a coloured layer (because of the black colour) Speaking of colours, I do believe in colour therapy and colour harmony. In the items of OrgoneArtisan you will find matching colours. Hardly ever will I use conflicting colours like red/green. Only when it comes to chakra items I will make an excpetion. I find the attraction you experience more important than the discription of the crystals. At each item you will always find a description of the used metals and cyrystals but I urge you to sit back and let your feeling decide which items belongs with you. Your subconsiousness knows best. Trust it! All the items will be at normal, realistic prices. Fur me it is important that I can help fill the world with the loving energy of orgone energy. Support Gaia, Mother Earth, by spreading positive energy. Enjoy the loving energy from OrgoneArtisan, you are very much welcome <3