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Tensor technology

Tensor technology is an invention of Slim Spurling . He was a remarkable researcher and inventor. With the invention of Tensor technology, Slim Spurling has shaped the wonders of quantum mechanics . A form that supports us and Mother Earth in a beautiful way.

Tensor technology is a complex matter. In this blog you will find an explanation that is as simple as possible and the emphasis is mainly on what this beautiful technology can do for us. Tensor technology is known for its use in healing, activating and restructuring water, improving plant growth and vitality, beekeeping, among thousands of other observations, including connectivity with the spiritual. Tensor energy is science-based, but goes far beyond the current reach and reality of most sciences. Tensor rings are an integration of scientific and spiritual technologies.

tensor rings

Tensor ring

How is this energy now generated and applied? The base is twisted copper wire. Mathematical measures of length, the so-called Cubits, are used for the length. Each measure of length has its own name and function. The Sacred Cubit has a length of 52.4 cm and a 144 MHz frequency. The Lost Cubit has a length of 59.67 cm and a 177 MHz frequency. In addition, there is the Empowerment Cubit, which has a length of 73.3 cm and a 188 MHz frequency. Artisan Gifts mainly works with the Sacred Cubit.

Within a tensor ring is an infinite source of energy with an output that is beneficial and curative for all life forms. It is a superconductor that neutralizes magnetic fields, brings cohesion to chaos, and easily stabilizes and smooths the body’s biomagnetic and energy fields.

When copper is heated and drawn to make the wire, the crystalline structure in the wire is aligned, creating a piezo-electric energy flow in one direction. When a wire is folded, twisted and the ends touch, they create a continuous flow of energy in both directions. When cut to precise measurements, the twisted crystalline copper creates an antenna. So tensor rings are actually a piezoelectric antenna. These precise dimensions are therefore the Cubit dimensions.

tensor ringen sacred Artisan Gifts
Sacred tensor rings

Sacred Cubit

These are the beautiful properties and benefits of the Sacred Cubit:

 This frequency mainly affects the physical and aspects of life.
 Helps to materialize ideas, attracts abundance.
 Has a vertical energy field.
 Supports pain.
 Helps with grounding.
 Elements of earth and water.
 Feminine energy.
 Connects us to Gaia, mother earth.
 Works well in eliminating unhealthy energy fields
 Neutralises wifi radiation, is especially strong against 5G by reducing its high frequency.
 Works perfectly against a polluted environment.
deze This energy also works perfectly for children.

Do you want to experience what tensor technology can do for you? Then choose a piece of jewelry in which this is incorporated. You can see the various options via the search function (type in tensor). Would you like to consult or have a piece of jewelry with a tensor ring made to your liking? Feel free to contact for the possibilities.

Here you see a number of examples of jewelry in which a tensor ring has been incorporated.

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